My wonderful erotica lovers!

I hope you’ve all been having loads of cum – I mean, fun – these past couple of months!

The “2018 FIFA World Cup Russia” is over, and for those of us who live in countries where football is like a religion, it was awesome. Go France!

In Nigeria, where I reside, you better believe the World Cup is sacred shit. If only we had a team to match our passion…

Anyway, I was so inspired by the World Cup that I decided to write a couple of erotica stories around it. The first one up is titled “Brave“. You should check it out. It’s hot!

I’m still working on “The Story of David“, my interactive erotica tale, but that’s going to take a while before it’s finished. It’s part programming, part creative writing – a lot more intense than the usual stuff, but it’s fun, so I’m not complaining. I love challenges!

Head on to the hot and steamy section and feast upon fantastic erotica stories that are sure to give you inspirations of your own – *wink, wink*.

Enjoy, people!