Service is over. The congregation pours out of the church in a not so orderly but accepted fashion. Excited voices fill the air.

MRS GBEMI, late 30s, meets up with her friends and fellow sisters in the lord – ANITA (early 30s) and PAMELA (late 30s).

‘Girls!’ Mrs Gbemi squeals, super excited.

The ladies exchange hugs.

‘Wow, Gbemi, you’re looking delicious o,’ Anita says.

‘In fact, I’m jealous. Didn’t you just give birth?’ Pamela mentions.

‘Ah-han, since four months ago,’ Mrs Gbemi counters.

‘So? I haven’t even dropped one and I’m still struggling to maintain my shape,’ Pamela says.

Mrs Gbemi beams. She’s proud of herself. Her baby-weight has been an absolute blessing. Other than a slight tummy protrusion, everything else about her body looks fantastic. Her buttocks, her breasts, her thighs – they’ve all expanded lusciously, as flaunted by her tight skirt and blouse.

Anita admires Mrs Gbemi’s curvy figure.

Better be careful, or Femi will soon jump on you again and another one will drop nine months later,’ Anita says.

They all laugh heartily, though Mrs Gbemi’s is forced.

Alas, Femi hasn’t touched her in more than half a year. Even now, when it’s safe for them to have sex, he still comes up flimsy excuses.

Well, thank god for BigBlackDicks dot com.

Mrs Gbemi is all too aware that she shouldn’t be indulging in porn, after all she is a highly respected member of this fine Christian establishment. But what’s a woman to do? It’s either that or slit her wrists out of frustration.

So far, BigBlackDicks dot com has done a fabulous job of satiating her appetite for sex.

Unfortunately, though, it has also left her in a state of near constant arousal.

These days, she can hardly do anything without thinking about a big black dick. What’s worse is, the dicks on the site are usually 7 inches and above – thick, strong ones – whereas her husband’s is a measly thin 5 inches!

Sometimes she thinks about totally avoiding BigBlackDicks dot com and talking to her husband about their nonexistent sex life, but then she reminds herself that the site offers nothing but innocent fantasies. She has no desire to go around searching for men with big dicks to cheat on her husband with, so their marriage is intact. No need to stir up trouble.

Besides, Femi will come around. He’s never been big on sex anyway. When they get back to tumbling in the sheets, she’ll forget all about the porn site.

A Whatsapp message comes in. Mrs Gbemi checks her phone.

Efe: “I hope I’m going to get my hug today. I can see you.”

She looks up, searches the sea of faces, and spots EFE – late teens, fine boy personified. Tall. Muscular.

He winks at her.

Efe is the church’s youth leader. He reports to Mrs Gbemi every Sunday on church regulated youth activities, as she’s the youth patroness.

Mrs Gbemi types her reply and sends it: “Of course, nau. Why would you think otherwise?”

Efe: “Because you said so last week and no show”

Mrs Gbemi: “You were the one who didn’t show. We were supposed to have our meeting, remember?”

Efe: “Aunty Gbemi, not true o. God is watching you.”

Mrs Gbemi chuckles.

Her response: “After I’m done breastfeeding my baby, you can get your hug in my office”

Efe: “Breastfeeding… Hmmm. How’s that going?”

Mrs Gbemi: “It’s just breastfeeding, jor”

Efe: “I wonder what it’s like”

Mrs Gbemi: “Go and marry and you’ll find out”

Efe: “But I wanted to marry you and you said no”

Mrs Gbemi laughs.

Her reply: “Look at this small boy. What do you know? Abeg, I’m going to look for my baby”

RAFAT, 20s, Mrs Gbemi’s maid, comes to Mrs Gbemi with the baby. He’s hungry, evident from his shrill cries.

Mrs Gbemi picks him up.

‘Sorry, nau. Oya, let’s go and eat,’ she says, patting her baby’s back.

‘We’ll talk later, my dear,’ Anita says.

‘You’re still around, right?’ Mrs Gbemi says.

‘Yeah,’ Pamela says.

‘Ok, I’m coming,’ Mrs Gbemi says.


Hours later, Mrs Gbemi sits behind the desk in her church office, typing on her laptop. She’s alone.

A little while later, she closes the word processor, opens the browser, then hesitates… Guilt tramples on her beating heart.

She ignores the warning voice in her head, types in the site address – BigBlackDicks dot com.

The picture of a muscled male model gripping an impressive 8 inch cock covers the screen.

Mrs Gbemi navigates to the video section.

She clicks on a video thumbnail and it plays.

A black man slaps his fat dick on the face of a white woman kneeling reverently before him, her roaming hands on his thighs.

He shoves his cock into her mouth and thrusts. She gags. He doesn’t give a shit.

Mrs Gbemi watches, awed. Her hand strokes her thigh.

The white woman lies on her back.

The black man pushes his dick into her pussy, stretching it so much she pleads for him to take it easy.

Mrs Gbemi leans forward, engrossed.

A knock on the door pulls her attention from the video. She quickly shuts down the browser and composes herself.

‘Yes?’ Mrs Gbemi calls out.

Efe opens the door and enters. He grins at Mrs Gbemi.

‘Efe, how na?’ she says.

‘Good afternoon, ma,’ Efe says.

‘You’re early for our meeting.’ Mrs Gbemi gets to her feet.

‘Yes.’ Efe twists the key, securing the door. ‘And my hug.’

‘Are you serious? You haven’t forgotten that?’ she says.

‘How can I forget? Something I’ve been dreaming of for one week. We had a bet, I won. So, I want my hug.’

Mrs Gbemi laughs. She opens her arms, inviting him for a hug.

‘Oya, come and collect, let me finally rest in peace.’

Efe walks to her. He wraps his arms around her back, pulling her to him.

She rests her cheek on his chest. Shuts her eyes. Smiles… And out of nowhere, she begins to make up comparisons between him and the man in the porn video.

They’re not so different. In her mind’s eye, she sees Efe fucking that poor horny white woman, and a rush of desire shakes her off balance.

Her nipples stiffen against her will. Her inner thighs moisten.

She lingers in Efe’s arms – his big, strong arms – squeezing her breasts on him. She shouldn’t be doing that, but something about him… And that porn video…

Efe doesn’t mind their lengthy embrace. In fact, one of his hands sneaks to the base of her waist, dangerously close to her fat ass.

Mrs Gbemi forces herself to think straight. This isn’t the place for her to reenact her fantasies. And even if it is, Efe most certainly isn’t the person to reenact it with.

‘Ok. It’s enough.’ She sounds hoarse. She feels a little dizzy too.

She leans back, but Efe doesn’t take his arms off her.

‘You’re wet,’ Efe observes

‘Wet?’ Alarmed, Mrs Gbemi wonders how he can know that.

Efe raises his hand. Mrs Gbemi’s eyes follow it to the wet patch on her blouse. Breast milk.

‘You’re leaking,’ he says.

He presses her breast, her nipple. She hisses, shocked at his action. The wet patch expands.

She stares up at him, wide-eyed.

He smiles down at her innocently, as if to say, but I didn’t do anything wrong. His hand gives her big breast another long squeeze.

‘Efe!’ Mrs Gbemi doesn’t just say his name. She moans it! By accident, of course. Or is it?

Her gaze shifts to his hand on her breast. What’s got into him?! This is not the Efe she knows.

‘Sorry. Your blouse.’ Efe tugs her blouse, raises it over her breast.

Mrs Gbemi watches, unable to stop him. She’s so horny. So weak. Her legs feel like jelly.

Her voice of reason begs her to put an end to this right now before things get completely out of hand.

‘Let’s not stain it anymore.’ Efe drags the bra cup down, exposing her thick dripping nipple.

Mrs Gbemi’s breathing is heavy and laboured.

Efe crushes her breast. It squirts a long line of milk.

Mrs Gbemi moans.

Efe covers her nipple with his mouth. Kneads her breast. Drinks her milk.

‘Efe…’ Mrs Gbemi moans. She combs Efe’s head with her fingers. This is really happening, and god it feels amazing. How can she possibly stop him now when he’s lit her whole body on fire?

Efe uncovers her other heavy breast and his hungry mouth attacks it.

There’s breast milk all over the table, her laptop, her body, his shirt…

They move towards the couch. Mrs Gbemi sits. She takes off her bra. Efe unbuckles his jeans, gets rid of it.

His dick – to put it simply – looks remarkable. Fat. Not too long, but long enough. Way better than her husband’s, for sure.

She reaches for it.

Efe cups her cheek and stuffs her mouth with his swollen cock meat.

Closing her eyes, Mrs Gbemi slurps it, moaning. Sucking a big dick has always been one of her greatest fantasies.

‘Aunty Gbemi… Oh, god…’ Efe holds the sides of Mrs Gbemi’s face, moving his hips, fucking her mouth softly.

As Mrs Gbemi eagerly sucks Efe’s dick, her mind keeps going back to all the downloaded porn videos on her laptop. There’s so much she wants to do to this dick, but not enough time!

Efe takes his dick out of her mouth.

‘Turn around. I want to cum in your pussy,’ he says.

Mrs Gbemi quietly obliges.

Efe hauls her skirt up her thighs, to her waist. He draws her panties away from her chunky pussy. Prods her wet nether lips with his dick, then slides in.

Mrs Gbemi groans. Her hands curl into fists.

Efe presses his palm on her back, encouraging her to arch her back and puff out her ass. He grips her hips and gets right to pounding her.

Mrs Gbemi works her waist, timing Efe’s thrust so that she slams her ass on him each time he drives deep into her. Sweet mother of god!

Efe shoves a thumb against her sphincter, which brings back memories of a particular favourite porn video of hers. She growls, rolling her hips, jerking harder against him.

‘Efe!’ Mrs Gbemi groans.

‘You like my finger there?’ Efe says.

‘Yes! Fuck me!’

‘Yes, ma!’

Efe watches her thick buttocks clapping on his drilling dick. He moves faster, panting.

‘Oh, yes ma! Yes ma! Yes ma!!’

He twitches, thrusting off rhythm, pumping cum into Mrs Gbemi’s warm tight pussy.

Mrs Gbemi collapses forward, huffing and puffing.

Efe pulls out of her. He adjusts her panties. Pulls her skirt back in place.

Mrs Gbemi sits up with some difficulty. There’s no time to waste. She wears her bra, then her blouse.

Efe retrieves a roll of tissue from the table and hands it to her.

Mrs Gbemi uses the tissue to clean off traces of breast milk from her blouse as best as she can.

They work on the stains on the table, her laptop, the chair, and the ground. When they’re done, they return to the couch.

Mrs Gbemi faces Efe.

‘Wow. Where did that come from?’ she says.

Efe scratches his head.

‘Yeah. I’m surprised myself. Are you angry with me?’

Mrs Gbemi chuckles, surprised at the question.

‘My dear, I’m not.’ She places a hand on his thigh. ‘I always thought you were a small boy. You really surprised me today.’

Efe shrugs. His eyes glint mischievously.

‘Honestly, I don’t know what came over me. That hug… Your boobs…’ He glances at her big breasts.

‘Yeah. I hope no one heard us,’ Mrs Gbemi says.

‘Me too.’

They laugh, then fall into a brief silence.

‘I hope you know you can’t tell anyone about this. Not even your friends,’ Mrs Gbemi says.

‘I won’t, I swear,’ Efe says.

‘You’re sure?’

‘I’m not a small boy, remember?’

They walk to the door. Mrs Gbemi unlocks it.

‘I’ll see you next week,’ Efe says.

‘I’ll call you,’ Mrs Gbemi says.

Efe nods and leaves.

Mrs Gbemi shuts the door. She rests her back against it. Bites her lower lip. Grins.

Her phone rings. She checks the caller ID – her husband.

She waits for the guilt to consume her. Other than a slight heart flutter, nothing else happens.

She answers the call.

‘Honey, where are you? I’ve missed you.’

Really, she has. Her feelings for Femi will never change. He’s the light in her life.

But then, Efe…

She knows she’s treading a dangerous path. If she’s caught, her marriage will most likely be over. No, not likely. Definitely.

Yet, she shudders excitedly at the thought of it all. The whole forbidden nature of her affair with Efe makes her horny, so much more better than the thrill she gets out of sneaking a peak at videos on bigblackdicks dot com.

No matter how much she loves her husband, the truth is, he’s not physically capable of giving her most of the things she needs, sexually.

Well, she’ll just have to manage him like a good Christian wife should, while keeping Efe on the side to plunder her pussy when the need arises.

‘I’ve missed you too. I’m done with my meeting. Are you ready to go home?’ Femi says.


‘I’ll meet you at the car.’

The call ends.


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