At a street junction, apples, oranges, and all manner of fruits, arranged in pyramids on trays, underneath umbrellas.

Witness, late 30s, inspects the fruits, trying to decide which one to get.

Her skirt suit is a size too small for her wild matured curves, especially her buttocks. Her poor skirt is having a hard time containing those bountiful beauties. You can blame marriage and motherhood for her weight gain.

The seller, a boy in his teens, points to a set of oranges.

‘Madam, this one correct. You go enjoy am,’ he posits.

Witness picks up one of the oranges, turns it around in her hand, prods with her fingers.

‘Pack them.’

‘Ok, ma.’ The boy retrieves a polythene bag from a carton. Tosses the oranges into it. Ties it neatly and hands it to Witness.

Witness pays him.

‘Thank you.’

She moves on.

The boy remains where he is, shamelessly ogling Witness’ dancing hips, her rolling backside. That right there is a fat ass worth giving an arm and a leg for.

His mother catches him staring. She whacks the back of his head with a folded newspaper.

He snaps out of his trance, yelping.

‘Foolish boy!’ his mother chastises him.


In the bathroom, Tunde – early 40s – bathes his twin daughters. They splash water on him, chortling with glee.

‘You people should stop, nau. See the floor. You’re making everywhere wet.’ He laughs.

He hears someone knocking on the gate, outside.

‘Ok. Oya, let’s get you guys dried up.’

The girls protest. They love the water too much.


Tunde opens the gate. Chief – a rather heavy-set man in his late 40s – beams at him.

‘Chief…’ Tunde’s face falls.

‘Tunde, Tunde!’ Chief claps Tunde on his shoulder and enters. ‘How are you?’

‘I’m fine, sir.’

‘Don’t look so down. There’s no need for that, come on. Let’s go inside.’

Tunde shuts the gate grudgingly.


Chief sits on the sofa like he owns the place. Well, in a way, he actually does.

Tunde perches on the couch. He’s on edge.

‘So. How’s the family?’ Chief says.

‘Everyone’s fine, sir.’ Tunde nods.

‘And Witness?’

Tunde blinks a couple times. He swallows to push down the rising lump in his throat.

‘She’s… She’s great.’

‘Is she around?’

‘No. She’s working late.’

‘That’s a shame,’ Chief says, a bit disappointed. ‘Well, then–‘ He places his hands on the sofa, ready to get up.

The front door opens and Witness walks in. She stops dead in her tracks when she lays eyes on Chief.

Chief leans back on sofa. He raises a sardonic eyebrow at Tunde, who groans inwardly, avoiding Chief’s mocking gaze.

‘She’s working late?’ he says to Tunde.

‘Chief…’ Witness greets stiffly.

‘Why is everyone so sad to see me today? I don’t understand. When did I become such a bad person?’ Chief wonders out loud.

‘No, sir. You’re not a bad person,’ Witness says.

‘We have a good arrangement going on here, don’t we?’ Chief says.

‘Yes, sir,’ Witness says.

‘Come,’ Chief beckons.

‘Sir, the children are at home,’ Tunde says.

‘Which children? I said, come, jor!’ Chief orders Witness.

Witness reluctantly walks to Chief. He pulls her to his lap and puts his hand on her thick mummy-thighs, rubbing possessively.

Witness stares at her unsteady hands, embarrassed. Angry.

Tunde looks helpless.

Chief pinches Witness’s big breast. Witness squirms.

‘Chief, nau…’ she complains.

‘Which one is “Chief nau”?’ Chief says. He pinches her breast again as a dare – complain again, let me see. She keeps her mouth shut like an obedient little child. He likes that.

‘I have to put the kids to bed,’ Tunde mutters. He gets up.

Witness gives him a pleading look. He ignores her, furious.


In the children’s room, Tunde reads his daughters a bedtime story. Their eyes droop. Thank goodness they’re heavy sleepers. They shouldn’t ever have to hear what’s about to happen.


Meanwhile, back in the sitting room, Witness’s suit jacket lies on the floor. Her shirt is open. Her bra cups are lowered.

Chief flicks his tongue on her stiff long nipples. He soon covers one of them with his mouth, sucking hungrily, pressing her breasts one after the other.

His mouth latches onto her other nipple.

Witness clenches her fists. An all too familiar desire burns within her – she is human after all, but she puts up a brave fight.


The girls are fast asleep.

Tunde is at a corner, sitting on the ground, sobbing. Why is life so unfair to him? He’s always been a good person. Why must he suffer like this? How long can he endure this humiliation?


Witness’s skirt and panties are gone. Her bra hangs around her midriff. She’s on her back, on the sofa.

Chief eats her clit and fingers her.

Witness has lost both the battle and the war. Her body flagrantly responds to Chief’s deft exploits. She moans, writhing, pushing her pussy to his face.

The door to the children’s room is ajar. Tunde peeps into the sitting room: Witness throws her legs wider, jerking her pelvis. She bites on the couch’s arm, crying out.

Cum shoots out of her pussy in a wild arc, splashing on Chief’s face and the floor.

Tunde touches his full budge.

‘God forgive me,’ he mutters in mild disgust.

Chief rises. He takes off his top. His trousers go next. His plump, lengthy cock dangles, half-erect.

Despite her odium for Chief, Witness stares at his dick longingly. Its imminent invasion of her pussy has her creaming herself like a nympho.

Disgusted at her reaction, she closes her legs in an act of defiance.

‘My friend, will you open up.’ Chief slaps Witness’ thighs, forcing her to spread them.

‘Chief, please, I don’t want,’ Witness proclaims. But she does want. It’s in her eyes.

Chief roars with laughter. Stupid woman. He beats her pussy with his big dick and the beast comes alive, lengthening, strengthening.

‘You don’t want?’ He runs his thick shaft along her wet, chunky pussy-lips.

Witness’ pussy twitches excitedly. But she’s still very determined not to give him what he wants – her mental surrender.

‘I don’t want,’ she says.

Chief wedges his fat cock-head on her entrance. A tiny push, and his big dick slides into her.

Witness purrs without wanting to.

‘You don’t want, shey?’ Chief says.

Witness shakes her head vigorously. She can feel her body sinking into the abyss of forbidden pleasure, a place she desperately wants to avoid.

Chief lifts his crotch and slams forward. Witness cries out. Her vision blurs.

‘You don’t want?’ he asks again.

‘I don’t… want,’ she answers.

She doesn’t know when she wraps her arms around his back. He thrusts firmly, pulling her further down the rabbit hole. Her pelvis moves to his rhythm.

‘Shebi you don’t want.’


‘No, nau, you don’t want.’

‘Oh, god!’

Chief moves a little faster. Witness moans feverishly, scratching his back.

‘I want you to tell me you don’t want again. Oya, talk.’

Witness moans out something incoherent. Chief ups his tempo a notch.

‘Answer me, nau.’


Witness places her palms on Chief’s chest, applying pressure. Chief pulls out. She sprays her cum on him, her legs twitching, her toes curling.

He watches her, amused.

Once she’s a bit calm:

‘Maybe I should just go now since you don’t want,’ Chief says.

‘No, Chief, it’s not like that…’ Witness panics. When this is all over, she’s going to hate herself – it always plays out the same way every time Chief visits. But until then… She grabs Chief’s big dick and pushes it back inside her.

Chief sinks in, groaning. Witness gasps as he feels her up completely.

‘It’s like what then?’ Chief wants to know.

‘My husband… He’s watching,’ Witness tells him in a small, husky voice.

Chief thrusts steadily. He kisses Witness on the lips. Sucks her earlobe. Kisses her neck. She caresses his arms, his back.

‘So?’ Chief says.

‘He’s my husband.’

‘Don’t you like the way I’m fucking you?’

Witness is afraid to admit it.

‘I said, don’t you like the way I’m fucking you?’

‘Yes, Chief.’

‘Do you want?’

‘I want…’

‘Good girl.’

Chief unleashes the full extent of his desires, hammering Witness’ pussy with a force and a speed that will have her remembering this day for many months to come.

Witness cums again, wriggling like she’s under some kind of demonic attack.

Tunde walks into the sitting room. He watches the pair for a moment, repulsed, then he begins to take off his clothes.

Chief slows down. He looks up, spots Tunde, and grins.

‘Tunde, my boy. That’s right. You know what to do.’

Chief sits, pulling Witness with him. She straddles his lap. Grinds on him.

Tunde stares, pained. His eyes well up. Teardrops course down his cheeks.

‘Tunde, stop being a weakling. You know the rules, my friend.’

Witness stops moving. She sobs quietly on Chief’s shoulder. It’s humiliating enough that she’s fucking another man in her matrimonial home and enjoying it, with her husband present! Now she has to contend with her husband actively participating in this madness. How much more embarrassing can things get?

‘Did I tell you to stop fucking me?’ Chief snaps at Witness.

‘No, Chief. I’m sorry.’ Witness resumes her grinding.

‘I’ll forgive you this time, but don’t ever try it again.’

‘No, sir, I won’t.’

Chief faces Tunde.

‘Tunde, I don’t have all day.’

Tunde steps out of his boxer shorts. His thin, erect four-inch dick is no match for Chief’s chubby 8-inch colossus.

Chief smirks at Tunde’s little John.

Tunde ambles towards Chief and Witness.

Chief spreads Witness’s ample butt cheeks. He shoves his finger into her ass.

Witness groans, shivers.

Chief stabs her ass a few times then takes his finger out.

Tunde presses his dick on Witness’s sphincter, pushes forward, slides in.

Witness moans. Tunde grunts. Yes, what’s happening right now is emotionally heart wrenching for the both of them – demeaning too – but the body wants what the body wants even if the mind isn’t willing.

‘Oya, start fucking her,’ Chief orders Tunde.

Tunde initiates steady thrusts.

Witness pants, sighs. She rocks back-and-forth from Tunde’s back-shots, fucking Chief while at it.

Tunde grimaces. The desire in his loins gradually consumes the anger and pain in his heart. He braces his palm on Witness’s back, moves his hips faster.

Chief squeezes Witness’s ass. He aids her forward-backward sway to get the best out of sliding in and out of her pussy.

Witness gets the hang of it. Soon, she’s dictating their pace.

Chief turns his attention to her big breasts, lifting those hefty melons, squeezing and sucking; nibbling lightly on the succulent flesh.

Tunde rubs Witness’s magnificent buttocks, clammy from the intense exercise.

‘Oh, god…’ he mumbles under his breath. He squeezes her buttocks – grips them, pounds harder.

Witness raises her head and lets out a long, guttural cry. She hugs the back of the sofa, fuses her lips on Chief’s.

Chief wraps strong arms around her waist.

Tunde hammers on swiftly. Witness responds in kind, flicking her buttocks faster.

‘Oh, god!!’ Tunde tenses up, knees wobbling, and unleashes his seed into his wife’s ass. ‘Oh… god…’ He grinds on her, still cumming.

Eventually, he staggers away – weak – and collapses on the nearest couch.

Chief’s finger replaces Tunde’s dick in Witness’s wet ass. He jabs.

Witness bounces on him, faster.

‘Fuck that dick!’ Chief growls.


‘I said, fuck that dick!’

‘Yes, Chief!’

Another orgasm ravages Witness. Her thighs judder. She can’t move properly.

Chief spanks her buttocks hard. The way it jiggles, the sound it makes – all, glorious!

‘Oya, get up,’ Chief says.

Witness slides off Chief. His fat dick, glistening with her juice, looks even bigger now.

‘Lie down,’ Chief instructs.

Witness lies on her front, legs together, pillow beneath her pelvis.

Chief straddles the back of her upper thighs. He spreads her buttocks, revealing her soaked pussy, and guides his dick in.

Witness shuts her eyes, moans through gritted teeth.

Chief presses a hand on her back and jerks his waist, firing on all cylinders. Her thick ass quakes. The increased friction and the size of his dick has her poor pussy squirting in seconds.

‘I’m going to cum!’ Chief announces. He slaps Witness’ vibrating ass. Again. And again. ‘This woman, you’re going to make me cum!’ He clutches her waist and puts all his energy into fucking her harder.


Chief heaves a powerful grunt. He twitches, going off rhythm as he explodes inside Witness.

‘My god!! My lord!!’ He shivers.

Witness wails. Her thighs judder like fists are pounding on them.

Chief slows down to a grind.

‘Phew!’ He pulls out his semi-erect dick, rubs it and bathes Witness’s buttocks with the last of his cum.

When there’s no more cum to deposit, he slaps her buttocks. She moans weakly.

‘You’re the only woman that can make me cum like this. All of my three wives – dem no try at all,’ he tells her before getting off the sofa and heading for the guest bathroom.

Tunde covers his face with his hands, dejected.

Witness sniffs. She wipes the tears from her cheeks. The reality of her actions is beginning to settle in, weighing heavily with her.

Chief returns to the sitting room. He stares at husband and wife, and then chuckles.

‘Both of you need to cheer up! Didn’t we enjoy ourselves today? Tunde, didn’t we?’

Tunde raises his head. His cheeks are wet with fresh tears.

‘Yes,’ he mumbles.

‘I can’t hear you,’ Chief says.

‘Yes, Chief,’ Tunde repeats himself, louder.

‘Witness?’ Chief turns to Witness.

‘Chief…’ Witness sits up. She looks disconsolate.

‘Don’t you like my dick again?’ Chief says.

‘I do,’ Witness says.

‘You people have been living in this house for more than one year, rent free. Have I chased you out?’ Chief asks them.

‘No, sir,’ Witness says.

‘And why is that?’

‘Because we’ve been cooperating.’

‘Correct! Both of you are by far my best tenants. See, Tunde, this Buhari economy isn’t smiling on anybody. 1 dollar is now 600 Naira. Do you know how much a bag of rice is? You should be happy you have a roof over your head. At least, you can use the small money you’re making to take care of your family. It’s not like they’re paying your wife at her workplace. How many months salary are they owing her now? Isn’t it 7? Or 8? Be grateful.’

‘Thank you, Chief. I’m… very grateful,’ Tunde says.

Chief gets dressed.

‘I’ll see both of you next month end.’

He leaves the house, whistling happily.

Tunde and Witness remain seated, silent. They stare at anything but each other.

Make no mistake: this is not the end of their marriage. They’ll get over this incident. They’ll return to their rooms, sleep it off, and tomorrow they’ll become a happy family again, like they always do.

And then by month’s end, when their rent-payment-agreement is due, Chief will emerge, and both of them will grudgingly have a sweaty threesome with the randy man. And they’ll love it, even if they refuse to admit it.


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