By the time it was mid-afternoon, the wedding reception was already in full swing.

Just below the podium specially designed for their comfort – a long sofa and a low table laden with a healthy collection of food and drink, the bride and groom danced, surrounded by smartphone wielding well-wishers egging them on.

Pamela walked into the hall with a frown, her eyes roving the sea of faces in search of a free attendant. She spotted one, a lean dark boy with shaggy hair, and marched towards him, apologizing whenever she bumped into someone or had to squeeze past bodies.

The men whose attention she caught watched her keenly, their interests solely on her breasts – round and heavy, held up by the fitted bodice of her traditional lace blouse.

Most of them wanted nothing more than to corner her and whisper the soft things men whispered in the ears of women they desperately wanted to taste. But their schemes broke apart the moment they spotted the gold wedding band glinting on her finger.

At least, they had their fantasies to themselves. That much they could keep.

Pamela got to the boy.

‘You need to take food to the chairman’s table at the front,’ she said. ‘Now.’

‘Yes, ma,’ the boy muttered in a stammer, unable to stop his eyes from falling – albeit briefly – on her massive breasts.

Pamela didn’t think too much of it. She was well aware of the effect she had on the male crowd, and quite frankly, a part of her did enjoy it. She didn’t however dwell on the thought – today was her sister’s wedding day and she had the distinguished honour of being in charge of the food. Catering for 400-plus people was no easy task.

‘Which food should I take there?’ the boy asked.

Pamela glanced thoughtfully at the table in question. She turned back to give her answer, and that’s when she caught sight of him – Evans. Tall, dark, lean-muscled… The perfect curve a set of male lips could ever have, and calm eyes that undressed a woman in a single momentary look.

Just staring at him broke her dam, wetting her panties. She quickly grabbed the back of the nearest chair, as she didn’t trust her suddenly weak knees to keep her upright.

Evans wasn’t her husband, no. What he was, was a mistake from a not-so-long-ago past. A mistake she didn’t know how to handle anymore. He was quicksand – the harder she tried to get rid of him, the more she sank into him.

They hadn’t spoken since the last time they met, 2 months ago, and then last week, out of the blue, there he was, invading her personal space on WhatsApp. She had hoped he would stop messaging her after she ignored him for two days, but he was persistent and she was a woman with a husband who spent more time abroad than at home with her.

She caved in like she knew she would, and just like that their conversation flowed like they had only stopped speaking 2 minutes ago. He always was easy to talk to, and a fantastic listener.

It didn’t take long before their exchanges descended into the dark, forbidden pits of erotica. He reminded her rather vividly of their first time together. Their second time. Their third… Fourth… Then he threw in an impeccably angled portrait of his thick, veined dick, and she practically ran mad with desire.

He had buttered her up well, so it came as no surprise when he asked her to meet him in the coming weekend. Thankfully, she had the good sense to decline – a monumental feat, considering how much she wanted him. The excuse she had given him was she had her sister’s wedding to contend with.

She had thought she had successfully rebuffed his advances, but here he was at the reception, out for blood. Her blood.

Evans scanned the room and stopped the instant his gaze came upon Pamela. He smiled a slow, knowing smile as his eyes lowered down her breasts, his sordid imagination running wild with wicked ideas. He bit is bottom lip.

‘Ma?’ the young server said, pulling Pamela out of her reverie.

‘Yes?’ She wrenched her eyes from Evans. ‘What is it?’

‘Which food should I serve the chairman?’

‘Um… Just… Go to him and ask him what he wants.’

‘Yes, ma.’ The boy left her side.

Pamela eagerly turned back to Evans and found him being led to a seat by an usher, a young fair complexioned girl – about 19 – with a pert, round ass and large breasts, nowhere near Pamela’s but on their way there.

Something about the way he smiled at the girl and made her laugh pissed Pamela off. Not that she had any right to be angry. Besides, this was a good thing. If the usher – or some other woman at the reception – tickled Evans’ fancy, he could end up leaving with them, and that way, Pamela wouldn’t have to deal with him. Admittedly, the possibility of that happening was slim (Evans had travelled all the way from Port-Harcourt to Lagos just for her), but feasible nonetheless.

Hopeful, Pamela moved down the hall. She still had guests to feed.


The party ended late in the afternoon.

By the time it was dark outside – mid-evening – Pamela was free to depart the venue. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a car of her own, and her sisters had already left along with her parents. It was up to her to find her way home somehow or spend the night at a friend’s nearby.

Pamela walked a short distance then stopped by the roadside. The emptiness was hostile.

She thought about Mabel, the only closet friend she had who lived in Festac, and retrieved her phone to dial her number.

A sleek black Mercedes SUV halted in front of her. Suspicious, she stowed her phone away in her handbag.

The driver’s window wound down with a seductive purr to reveal Evans behind the wheel. He wore a smug, titled grin.

Pamela’s heart galloped. Her crotch moistened. She literally suspended breathing for a few seconds, cliché as it sounded.

There was someone else in the car – the young usher from the wedding, the fair one with full, pointy breasts. She occupied the seat across from Evans’.

Pamela immediately understood what was going on. This was Evans subtle – yet equally barefaced – way of telling her in simple terms how capable he was of replacing her with ease since she didn’t want him.

Honestly, the idea of her being so disposable was upsetting.

In any case, she couldn’t very well blame him. After all, she had gone to great lengths to avoid him throughout the wedding despite his repeated phone calls and text messages.

‘Evans…’ Pamela wet her lips nervously.

‘Pamela. Lovely night,’ Evans said.


‘Get in.’ He gestured with his head.

‘Are you going to drop me at home? Because it’s really late and I don’t think I’ll be able to find any bus if you drop me at a bus stop.’ Pamela eyed the usher, who kept her face front. After Evans dropped Pamela off, he was going to fuck the stupid bitch at some seedy hotel. Pamela was sure of it. The jealousy seared her heart.

‘We’re not going home. Get in,’ he insisted.

Not going home? Now, Pamela was confused.

‘Where are we going?’

‘Pamela, you’re wasting my time, and you know how much I hate that,’ he said. ‘Now, for the last time: get in.’

Pamela should have objected. She was well within her rights to do so. The words hung from the tip of her tongue – all she had to do was let them out. But instead she swallowed them.

In truth, she had relinquished so much control over herself to Evans that he had become far more proficient at getting her to do things even her own husband couldn’t dream of. She couldn’t say no to him even when it was the appropriate thing to do. She could put up roadblocks, but that was only delaying the inevitable.

And so, like an obedient little girl, she opened the back-door and climbed into the air-conditioned SUV.

Evans caught her troubled gaze through the rear-view mirror. He still had that stupid smirk on his face.

She took her eyes off his just as he put the car into gear.


Their journey to the Meridian – a five star hotel on the outskirts of Festac – was ostensibly short.

There weren’t that many cars around, so finding a parking space was effortless.

After they disembarked, Pamela and usher-girl flanked Evans, and together they strolled silently into the hotel, past the reception, and into an empty elevator.

As the numbers lit on the polished aluminium panel, signifying which floor they were on, the words ‘this is insane!’ kept running through Pamela’s head. In the coming minutes, she, usher-girl, and Evans would be locked up in a room all through the night and – knowing Evans – possibly well into the afternoon, tomorrow.

They’d discussed it during one of their erotic-highs – the prospect of a threesome, and undoubtedly Pamela had been stimulated by the idea of him fucking her and some other woman, or him and some other man fucking her. But to actually make it a reality? And how on earth had he convinced the usher to participate in this folly? Curious, yet unsurprising, as Evans did have an uncanny way with women. Pamela was proof of that.

Born into a strong Christian family, with a Pastor for a father and a Deaconess for a mother, Pamela had dedicated herself fully to the ways of the Faith.

There had been a few unsavoury stints here and there – a party lifestyle in her university days, fornicating with a boyfriend, and then that time she’d let a married colleague squeeze her breasts in the bathroom at work five months into her NYSC – but she had always fought her way back to the church.

She had married late because she had abided by a strict life of celibacy, and even though her absentee husband had cheated a number of times, she had sworn to stay faithful like a good Christian wife

Then she had met Evans at a conference in Calabar, and a few drinks, the right words, and the sort of attention she hadn’t had in a very long time were all it took for her to abandon every rule, every promise, every vow… She had opened her heart to him that night, and her legs too.

Pamela peeked at the usher and found her peeking right back at her. She was shy, the young girl, but beyond that she seemed perfectly at ease with Evans’ ignoble plans for them.

The elevator settled on the 14th floor and they stepped out into the cold, empty, carpeted hallway.

Evans led them to room 1409, where he swiped his key-card on the electronic lock and the door popped open.

The room was opulently massive. Everything in it looked pristine, as if the hotel management never let two guests use the same accessories twice in the same room.

Evans took off his jacket and hung it in the roomy wardrobe.

Pamela and usher-girl stood back, watching him – two nervous observers unable to decide what to do next, how to proceed. Was there some threesome etiquette to heed, something they were unaware of?

Evans chuckled at them, amused at their disinclination.

‘Come.’ He waved them over.

It took a while, but usher-girl was the first to move. Pamela followed immediately after.

Evans had them in his arms, at either side of him.

‘You have nothing to be afraid of.’ He took turns staring at them. Smiling at them. Those big, baby-brown eyes of his – they had a way of reeling a woman in, making her feel like everything coming out of his mouth was indisputable logic, the sort they wanted to latch onto and never let go. ‘Whatever is about to happen is as natural as breathing, you hear?’

Pamela nodded automatically, as did usher-girl.

Evans bent his head and captured Pamela’s soft red-painted lips, sucking them while delivering the occasional nibbles.

Pamela was hesitant at first, but eventually she kissed him back. There was no point resisting. She had lost both the battle and the war from the moment she first laid eyes on him.

Evans broke their kiss and turned to usher-girl who had been staring at them with shy interest. He descended on her plump pink lips and she gave in, in a matter of seconds.

Pamela could tell from the way usher-girl surrendered so quickly to Evans that she had no prior reservations about their hook-up. A threesome with a hot guy and a big-breasted, married woman was something she had always wanted to try out. She might not have been open about it from the beginning, but Evans in true fashion had spent the duration of the wedding searching the dark recesses of her mind until he came upon this particular fantasy and coerced it out.

His hands roamed all over their buttocks, squeezing occasionally, and they responded by pressing their breasts on his sides and their crotches on his thighs, grinding softly.

Pamela sighed, watching with longing eyes as Evans devoured usher-girl’s thick lips for the umpteenth time that night – a rough, fiery kiss.

The girl moaned. Her hand circled his chest.

Pamela placed a hand on Evans’ abdomen, caressing. She descended to his crotch and squeezed gently, marvelling at the mighty strength of his thick erection. It brought back memories: that windy night in her hotel room in Calabar when she had felt its true power for the first time. He had held the back of her head and fed the thing into her mouth as she stared up at him, gobsmacked. Interestingly enough, her husband had tried getting her to suck him two nights before, to which she’d declined vehemently. It was such a dirty thing to do, but not with Evans. The stiff plumpness of his cock had made the act all the more enjoyable.

Evans groaned as he disengaged from usher-girl. He loved what Pamela was doing to his dick and he meshed his lips on hers to show his appreciation. Their tongues duelled.

Usher-girl joined Pamela in stroking Evans’ cock. It was big enough for the both of them to share.

‘Fuck…’ Evans murmured, taking his lips off Pamela. He glanced from Pamela’s big breasts to usher-girl’s, his desire intensifying ‘Strip. Now,’ he ordered gruffly.

The ladies stepped away from him and began to disentangle themselves from their clothes.

Since usher-girl’s was less elaborate – a simple, figure-hugging short black dress – she was done undressing before Pamela, panties and all.

She walked back to Evans, who was now equally naked. The man was blessed with the physique of a powerful Roman god, chiselled from top to bottom. He took her breasts in his hands and squeezed hard. She hissed, pain and pleasure flaring. His mouth attacked her nipple, sucking, pulling. He barely spent 5 seconds on it before switching to the other one, and then back again. She grabbed his head, egging him on.

Pamela stepped out of her panties, her last piece of clothing. She knelt before Evans, cupped his dick with both hands, and ran her palms up-and-down the charged, lengthy cock-shaft, pumping it. She licked, kissed its sides down to his balls, just the way he liked it; used a little teeth on the bulbous head of his dick, and then she took him into her mouth, moaning as she sucked sensually.

He had taught her well. If her husband could see her now, he would drop dead from a heart attack.

As Evans dealt with user-girl’s tender breasts, he rolled his waist gently, thrusting in and out of Pamela’s mouth.

Pamela cupped his balls, caressing them.

‘Switch,’ Evans said moments later.

Pamela wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and rose to her feet.

Usher-girl descended to her knees. She held up Evans’ hefty cock meat with both hands and stared at it, wide-eyed.

‘So big…’ The words slipped out without her meaning to say it.

Pamela understood perfectly well. The same thing had happened to her on her first night with Evans.

Evans started with Pamela’s lips while his hand worked on her big breast. His other hand cupped usher-girl’s cheek as she kissed and slurped his dick.

He tugged Pamela’s fat nipple, twisting the charged bud, and she groaned. Then he slid his finger into her pussy, his thumb fondling her clit.

‘Oh!’ Pamela rolled her hips, grinding on his finger to the tempo of a bouncy R&B song playing in her head.

‘Hold your breasts for me,’ he said, and Pamela pushed her melons together, elevating them.

His lips captured her inviting nipples, sucking them one after the other like the secrets of the world resided in her breasts.

‘Baby…’ Pamela maintained firm, steady jabs at his finger. She squeezed her breasts harder and watched him almost chew the life out of her nipples.

Evans soon pulled his cock from usher-girl’s mouth.

‘Fuck. Not yet,’ he said. He had almost climaxed.

He climbed the bed and lay on his back, fat dick pointing skyward.

Both Pamela and usher-girl joined him.

Pamela knelt astride his crotch, positioning her pussy inches above his throbbing cock.

Usher-girl sat on his face. She rubbed his chest, his rock-hard abs.

Evans attacked her pussy, his tongue flicking, licking and sucking her clit. He clutched her butt cheeks, squeezing, spreading them.

User-girl shuddered, sighing. Her ass swayed gently.

Pamela pumped Evans’ cock-shaft for a few seconds then lowered her buttocks. As soon as the bulging head of his dick parted her pussy lips, she groaned aloud. She maintained her downward course and he sank deeper into her, filling up places only his big dick was capable of reaching.

Breathing faster, she braced her hands on his torso and began to rock her fat ass.

‘Oh, shit!’ Evans’ muffled voice sounded in between the slurps and smacks of his lips on usher-girl’s tamed pussy.

The poor girl looked on the verge of tears, her body writhing out of control.

‘Yes! Ooooh!’ Her thighs juddered.

Pamela switched gears, working her waist harder. Her big breasts now bounced along with her buttocks.

Evans’ dick was soon awash with her pussy cream, which made his re-entries smoother and so much more devastating. Sweet torture! Like usher-girl, Pamela too began to writhe like a woman possessed.

Through the haze of pleasure clouding her vision, Pamela glimpsed usher-girl’s plump breasts beating the air. Beads of sweat clung to them despite the coolness of the air-conditioned room. How soft were those breasts anyway, Pamela wondered? Their thick tantalising nipples – were they as hard as they looked?

Such was the staggering power of Evans’ dick: its unrivalled capacity to upend Pamela’s reality. As it toiled like a mechanical piston, thrusting, ramming into her pussy with every intention to warp its core, wrong became right, immoral became moral, senseless became sensible, and usher-girl was every bit as fair game as Evans himself.

Pamela stared into usher-girl’s eyes and found her staring right back with the same fervent desire.

Suddenly, their close proximity to each other held new meaning.

Pamela was the first to reach out. Her fingers curled around usher-girl’s breast, sinking into the succulent flesh.

Not wanting to be left out, usher-girl plastered her hand on Pamela’s bigger breast, clutching hard. But she didn’t stop there: her face leaned and she pressed her lips on Pamela’s.

Pamela took the invitation without a second thought, letting loose a series of burning kisses which usher-girl absorbed and responded with equally intense ones.

They remained this way for a while: Pamela grinding on Evans’ dick, usher-girl grinding on Evans’ mouth, and Pamela and usher-girl kissing hungrily while squeezing the other’s breasts.

Eventually, usher-girl broke their kiss. Her eyes zeroed in on Pamela’s heavy tits, bobbing, and she went for them, kneading, kissing, licking, tweaking their nipples and sucking on them.

Pamela shut her eyes and raised her head, jerking harder atop Evans. She ran her fingers through usher-girl’s weave then grabbed the back of her head. Her orgasm had arrived, and it was mighty.

She trembled and cried out, pleading with no one in particular yet pleading still, because it was the only sensible thing she knew to do in that spine-tingling, pussy-exploding moment.

Evans slapped usher-girl on the ass.

‘Oya. Your turn. Climb on that dick.’

Pamela collapsed to the side, still shaky from her orgasm.

Backing Evans, Usher-girl dragged her weight to his crotch and impaled her pussy on his cock-meat.

‘Father Lord!’ she practically screamed in pleasure and pain as she worked her way down the chubby shaft.

‘Move that ass!’ Evans ordered, spanking her buttocks sharply.

Usher-girl moaned a plea, something about him being too big for her to endure, but Evans was having none of that. He grabbed her by the waist and forced her to move up-and-down repeatedly.

Eyes shut and teeth gritted, usher-girl half-rode, half-struggled to free herself from the onslaught.

Evans leered at her. He held on to her hips. She was going nowhere until he was satisfied.

From where Pamela lay, the view was riveting: usher-girl could only take in three-quarters of Evans’ meaty dick, her waist rolling, her buttocks thrashing.

Shortly, usher-girl’s dam ruptured, spilling clear liquid down Evans’ lengthy shaft. Her cries hit a crescendo and in a sudden rush, Evans’ crotch was engulfed in a river of pussy juice.

Cackling, Evans took a swipe at her buttocks and released her. She jumped off his dick like the thing was on fire and fell on the bed, moaning and sobbing, quivering from head to toe.

‘See yourself. Shey you said you can handle big dick,’ Evans said, smiling. He drew closer to her and placed a placating hand on her shoulder. ‘Oya, sorry. No vex.’

‘I’m tired,’ she managed to say.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t fuck you again. At least, maybe for the next hour or so.’

‘No,’ she complained. ‘I’m tired.’

‘Na so. Come and watch how a woman should handle a big dick.’

Evans turned to Pamela, who stared at him expectantly. Her heart picked up pace.

He crawled towards her, spread her legs wide, anchored them up, and then slowly drove his pulsating dick into her warm depths.

My god, he was huge!! And he felt even bigger from this position. Pamela let out a guttural moan. She wrapped an arm around his back and raked his firm ass with her other hand.

She had had months of practice with him, so it came as no surprise that he was able to bury his cock in her pussy up to the hilt.

He steadied his clenched fists on the mattress and began his gentle ride.

‘Evans! Oh, god, Evans! You’re going to kill me!’

Evans kissed her neck, her jaw. He nibbled her earlobe.

‘I won’t kill you,’ he said.

‘You’re killing meeee!’

‘It’s just ordinary fuck, don’t worry.’






Pamela’s body juddered, her eyes rolling to the back of her skull. She held her breath for as long as she could then exhaled with a loud, animalistic growl.

Her orgasm was Evans’ cue. He threw tenderness aside and upped his tempo, jabbing her, pounding her.

‘Oh my god!’ Pamela sobbed.

‘Now, I’m killing you!’ he groaned.

‘Kill me!’

‘I’m killing you!’

‘Kill meee!’

Evans enjoyed the mangled look on Pamela’s face, the incoherent gibberish spewing from her mouth. He was a cruel man with an even crueller dick, and after the way she had treated him at the wedding reception, there was nothing more satisfying than using the beast to remind her that despite the ring she wore, she belonged to him, now and always.

He glanced sideways and caught usher-girl watching them, her interest heightened.

Another orgasm ravaged Pamela, and Evans pulled out from her. He got on his feet and walked around the bed to where usher-girl sat, staring at him, both hopeful and frightened.

‘You dey fear?’ He smirked.

‘You’ll take it easy this time,’ she beseeched.

Evans nodded, rubbing his dick. She stared at it and a hunger bloomed in her eyes.

He knelt on the bed, at the edge, grabbed her thighs and yanked her closer to him. She reclined, her elbows propping her so she could watch him slide his dangerous dick into her young pussy. She was beyond wet, so that helped quite a bit.

The deeper he bored, the faster she breathed, her moans hitting new octaves.

Evans was able to go further than before, but not all the way in. He didn’t mind, though. In the end, as long as he got to claim ownership of her pussy, he was good.

Gripping her waist, he set off, thrusting slowly, building momentum.

‘Hmmm!’ Usher-girl worked her waist, spinning her hips, shoving her crotch at him.

Evans seized one of her swaying breasts. The pace of his thrusts intensified.

‘Oooooh!’ Usher-girl crumbled on her back.  Her hips moved erratically. Her legs twitched. She clutched the bed sheet above her head.

‘Fuck yeah!’ Evans propelled his waist faster, his dick reaching new depths.

By now, usher-girl should have been trying to escape from the pain, but there was no pain this time around, only immense pleasure.

First came the squelching, and then the waterworks. Usher-girl wailed, her face twisting in sweet agony. Her seemingly never-ending squirt splashed on Evans’ crotch, his thighs and the bed. She occasionally slammed her small fists on the mattress, her own little way of fighting against the crippling effects of the orgasm.

‘Cum for daddy!’ Evans still fucked her furiously.

Awed, Pamela observed them.

Evans looked up and his and Pamela’s eyes met.

‘You’re just going to sit there?!’ he said.

Pamela moved closer to them. As soon as she was near enough, usher-girl’s wandering hand snatched her breast and squeezed so hard she moaned in surprise.

‘Feed her!’ Evans said throatily.

Pamela had the exact same idea from the get-go. She straddled usher-girl’s torso, brought her breasts down to usher-girl’s face and the young lady did the rest.

From time to time, usher-girl took short breaks from passionately sucking Pamela’s melons so she could moan out, a cry of praise to the wondrous works of Evans’ unyielding big dick.

Pamela chafed her pussy on usher-girl’s waist, her thick buttocks wobbling from the motion.

Evans watched Pamela’s ass, mesmerised. A new longing grew in his loins.

‘Oh god!!!’ usher-girl announced. Her pussy dispensed a flood like a broken high-pressure hose.

Evans clapped his hands on Pamela’s buttocks, compelling them to shake vigorously and forcing her to yelp. He pulled her closer to him, withdrew his cock from usher-girl’s massacred pussy, and shoved it into Pamela.

‘Uuuugh!’ Pamela screamed from the unexpected yet agonisingly pleasant invasion.

Evans was done playing around. All that concerned him now was his primal need to unleash his seed. He got right to business, his crotch thumping Pamela’s quaking buttocks with a vengeance, his dick slicing to-and-fro her tight juiced-up pussy.

Pamela tried twerking to his insanely swift rhythm, but ultimately, she just laid there writhing, gripping usher-girl’s shoulders and moaning against her neck.

Usher-girl wrapped her arms around Pamela’s back and nibbled her earlobe.

Evans glared down at Pamela’s fat ass, growling.

‘Shit, it’s happening,’ he moaned. ‘It’s happening!’

His glare metamorphosed into a taut, drained expression. His hard-working waist shuddered, breaking off rhythm. He planted his hands on Pamela’s thick buttocks, his fingers sinking into the soft damp flesh.

His aching dick exploded, issuing a flood of cum.

Pamela responded with a timely orgasm. She spoke in tongues.

Evans kept pushing, kept slamming his dick into her, kept shooting rope after rope of hot cum.

Eventually, he heaved a weary sigh, pulled his dick out, pointed it at Pamela’s ass, and while rubbing it, bathed the fat ass in whatever cum-shots he had left to offer, which was quite a lot to be fair.

‘Oh, my god.’ Evans panted. He staggered away from the women and lay on his front. ‘Fuck…’

Pamela rolled off usher-girl, her legs still twitching.


They spent the night sleeping next to each other in the dim room, their bodies entwined. Pamela backed Evans, who in turn backed usher-girl.


In the morning, Evans woke up with a raging erection. In his defence, Pamela’s thick buttocks was pressed against his crotch.

He cleverly raised her ass-cheek, manoeuvred his dick into her pussy, and began to rock firmly.

Pamela moaned in her sleep. Her eyelids fluttered open. She realised her pussy was under attack and she grabbed a handful of the bedspread, moistening up to ease Evans’ gentle assault.

Yes, she was sore from last night, but fucking her in the morning was Evans ritual since their first time together, and so she couldn’t exactly complain, much less reject him.

After twice bringing Pamela to climax, Evans went for usher-girl, who needed more persuasion than usual before granting him access to her pussy. In a matter of seconds, he had her singing softly in his ears – her words illogical – and clawing his back as he rode her tenderly.


Later that afternoon, Evans eased his Mercedes SUV down the road en-route to drop Pamela off at her house.

Pamela sat next to him while usher-girl occupied the backseat.

He turned to Pamela, smiling.

‘I hope you had a good time.’

‘I did.’ She smiled back.

He address usher-girl via the rear-view mirror.

‘Madam, hope you’re still not vexing,’ he said.

Usher-girl chuckled, shy.

‘I’m OK, Daddy.’

‘Good. Don’t mind me. I love to fuck. You’ll get used to it.’

Usher-girl nodded.

Evans winked at Pamela and she grinned. He put his hand on her thigh and rubbed possessively.

Even though the guilt of cheating on her husband yanked at her heartstrings, Pamela couldn’t help but wonder when her sixth time with Evans would come, and she shivered in anticipation of it.


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