Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Chichi hasn’t being with her boyfriend, Emeka, in months. To compensate, she spends most of her free time reading erotica stories on the internet. Unfortunately for her, this is about to get her into a lot of trouble.
Writer’s Inspiration: I remember doing some work at this office in Lagos and I met a lawyer there, fine sexy Igbo girl, who loves reading erotica. I asked her if her boyfriend practised all the things she read about with her, and she said, no. It got me thinking – what if her boyfriend wasn’t tapping that pussy the way she wanted? What if that made her sexually vulnerable and open to exploration outside of her relationship? I took all of that and wrote this story, though Chichi’s circumstances is much different than my lawyer friend’s.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Comfort, a wealthy banker, is super pissed that her younger husband is cheating on her with her house girl, Joy. How dare he? She made him who he is, the ungrateful bastard!
Unfortunately, she has no proof of his indiscretion. So, she sets out to catch him red-handed. Things don’t go according to plan, though…
Writer’s Inspiration: We’ve heard many stories about cheating husbands in Nigeria. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if a married woman employed Comfort’s tactics in catching her philandering husband and things didn’t go down very well for her. How would she react? *Giggle*

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: A sexually frustrated married woman loves it when men touch her fat ass in public. It’s the only way she can get her sexual “fix”. Eventually, she meets a stranger willing to go beyond just touching.
Writer’s Inspiration: True story – I read this article that had a couple of women discuss what their greatest erogenous zones were. For one woman, it was her ass. She said she had a big ass and that she particularly loved it when men pressed themselves on her from behind. That simple act was enough to make her cum. She talked about a time when she was in a queue, in a bank branch, and this dude was up against her, and she came so hard! To that woman, this one’s for you.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Two married women – Sister Esther and Sister Abigail, prominent members of their church, decide to ditch their asexual husbands on Christmas Eve for a boy half their age who has been bombarding them with pictures of his strong abs and big dick.
Writer’s Inspiration: In Nigeria, sex is as constant as heat. No matter how hard you try to escape it, it always sneaks up on you and bites you in the ass. Especially in churches. A lot of married men think that as long as their wives are wearing wedding rings and busy with one church activity or the other, they’re untouchable. I know young boys who have confessed to fucking married, lonely church wives without trying too hard. This story is inspired by their stories.