Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Now that Hubby has flown to Russia to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup, matured mum – Mrs Chinaza – finally gets the courage to do the one thing that has been consuming her mind almost all year.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: In the demo of this interactive game,  you assume the role of David Kanu, a man in his mid-20’s, who is on his way back to Lagos, trying to escape the harsh consequences of a series of reckless exploits, all owing to his insatiable appetite for sex.
Help David along his journey to redemption or ruin or somewhere in-between.
Writer’s Inspiration: I’ve been working on this for a little over 6 months, or 9. Had to learn some coding just to get this off and running.
I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a long time. Every time I come up with an idea for a story, I always arrive at certain instances where I have to decide which path my characters should take. With this interactive storytelling format, I don’t have to sacrifice paths. I simply present them, and you guys get to choose where to follow. It’s really fun. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: A long ago, Pamela made a mistake with Evans when they first met at a conference. Since then, she’s been trying to shake him off. But the harder she tries, the bigger she fails. Now, Evans is back. Will Pamela finally succeed at freeing her soul from his dark clutches or will she fail once again?

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: David, a handsome young man in his 20’s, has a fetish for taking erotic pictures of older, matured women and their glorious curves. His latest quarry is Mrs Chika, a hardworking married mother of 3 who sells roasted plantain at a busy junction. David can’t get enough of her big breasts and gorgeous fat ass. He will do anything to get her pictures as part of his catalogue. So, he makes her a mouth watering offer. Will Mrs Chika refuse on account of being married or will she take the plunge?

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Witness and Tunde are a couple with two beautiful daughters. On the outside they look happy, but beneath the surface, all isn’t entirely well. Buhari is president. The economy is harsh. Witness’ job isn’t paying well, or at all, and Tunde’s salary is meagre. They can provide for themselves and their children – food, clothing – but what they can’t afford is their house rent. So, their landlord, Chief, strikes a deal with them. They get to live at his apartment, rent-free, and in exchange he comes to “collect” at the end of every month. Well, today is month-end, and Chief has arrived.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Wale and Mrs Aisha did something they shouldn’t have a very long time ago. Now, many years later, while Mrs Aisha appears to have moved on, Wale can’t stop thinking about her. He won’t rest until he convinces her to let him bury himself in her warmth one more time, and then, over and over again.
Writer’s Inspiration: By no means do I condone abuse. It’s wrong. In Nigeria, it happens a lot. You hear stories of men taking advantage of little girls, or women taking advantage of little boys. These victims grow up scarred and broken, and carry on the tradition of abuse onto the next generation of children, because it’s the only life they know. Sometimes though, these victims embrace what happened and in fact revel in it! I have a friend who told me he had sex for the first when he was a young boy. His maid convinced him to do it. He didn’t seem bothered by incident when he told the tale. In fact, if I remember correctly, he always emphasised how he enjoyed burying his face in her ample bosom. If anything, that experience got him hooked on older women. Right now, he’s dating a divorced mother. Damn.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Mrs Gbemi is a faithful church-worker and a breastfeeding mother who misses sex. She’s ready to get back to the main business, but her low-libido husband isn’t. So, out of frustration, she turns to big black dick porn to curb the raging desire for sex. While she gets some satisfaction out of it, it leaves her open other temptations. Can she remain faithful to her marriage?
Writer’s Inspiration: I wrote this story before I wrote “The Second Marriage Club”. They have very similar themes: neglected church wife falls into the arms of a young man. I never intended to publish this one because it’s shorter than Second Marriage Club, but I’ve had a change of heart. You see, this story has one of my biggest fetishes – breast milk. Man. I know there are dudes out there who don’t think too much about breast milk, but me, I love them. It’s not really about the milk – it’s the sex that comes along with drinking it. Lactating mothers are fucking sexy, especially the ones with big tits. I remember this friend of mine who befriended this Nigerian woman who works in a bank. They used to go home together. She’d let him drive her car and drop her off at her house, and then he’d head on to home via public transport. Her breasts were wow! And she was breastfeeding at the time. They were so close that she used to tell him everything. One day, he told me excitedly how he had playfully brought up the topic of breast milk – that he didn’t like it, much like her husband. Somehow, during the conversation, she offered him a taste. He tasted, and then it became full-on sucking and squeezing at the back of her car. From then on, every time he drove her, they’d find a place to park in the dark, and he’d suck her breasts. She was feeding him and her baby! That’s how it was for them until she stopped producing milk. Lucky bastard.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Two married women – Sister Esther and Sister Abigail, prominent members of their church, decide to ditch their asexual husbands on Christmas Eve for a boy half their age who has been bombarding them with pictures of his strong abs and big dick.
Writer’s Inspiration: In Nigeria, sex is as constant as heat. No matter how hard you try to escape it, it always sneaks up on you and bites you in the ass. Especially in churches. A lot of married men think that as long as their wives are wearing wedding rings and busy with one church activity or the other, they’re untouchable. I know young boys who have confessed to fucking married, lonely church wives without trying too hard. This story is inspired by their stories.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: A sexually frustrated married woman loves it when men touch her fat ass in public. It’s the only way she can get her sexual “fix”. Eventually, she meets a stranger willing to go beyond just touching.
Writer’s Inspiration: True story – I read this article that had a couple of women discuss what their greatest erogenous zones were. For one woman, it was her ass. She said she had a big ass and that she particularly loved it when men pressed themselves on her from behind. That simple act was enough to make her cum. She talked about a time when she was in a queue, in a bank branch, and this dude was up against her, and she came so hard! To that woman, this one’s for you.

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Comfort, a wealthy banker, is super pissed that her younger husband is cheating on her with her house girl, Joy. How dare he? She made him who he is, the ungrateful bastard!
Unfortunately, she has no proof of his indiscretion. So, she sets out to catch him red-handed. Things don’t go according to plan, though…
Writer’s Inspiration: We’ve heard many stories about cheating husbands in Nigeria. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if a married woman employed Comfort’s tactics in catching her philandering husband and things didn’t go down very well for her. How would she react? *Giggle*

Rating: 18+
Synopsis: Chichi hasn’t being with her boyfriend, Emeka, in months. To compensate, she spends most of her free time reading erotica stories on the internet. Unfortunately for her, this is about to get her into a lot of trouble.
Writer’s Inspiration: I remember doing some work at this office in Lagos and I met a lawyer there, fine sexy Igbo girl, who loves reading erotica. I asked her if her boyfriend practised all the things she read about with her, and she said, no. It got me thinking – what if her boyfriend wasn’t tapping that pussy the way she wanted? What if that made her sexually vulnerable and open to exploration outside of her relationship? I took all of that and wrote this story, though Chichi’s circumstances is much different than my lawyer friend’s.